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Boredom sucks. That feeling when you know you’ve lost track of everything, everything, that was just said to you, when everyones sentences spiral off half way through into a vortex of oblivion. You want to be somewhere else, you want to procrastinate. Fear not. This site and its subliminal messages are here to help you.

Procrastination gets a bad name. But its a social salve when liberally applied, a soothing natural tune in a harsh metal world, it is mid-summer apple pie. It is not ‘time wasted’. Everyone has to procrastinate. Either do it openly, or do it in your head whilst you’re pretending to be useful. Imagine the wonderful things you could miss if you are forced to procrastinate in secret. Your conversations in ruins.
“I love-” chips and cheese and I could murder a mid-summer apple pie. If I could I would “-have your children-” learn arabic so they would be able to cross borders erected by people who-”aren’t listening to me, are you? Are you?”

Boredom is misunderstood. Young people throughout the world need understanding not employment. Young people themselves are misunderstood. We only wear hoodies to cover our procrastination-rash from the critical eyes of a perfect world, only listen to loud music to stop the noise of intolerance. They call us yobs but truly they do persecute us for our sensitivities.

This is yobpatrol.com. Fighting boredom since 2006.

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