She walks from college to bus station, slow enough to crawl – almost as though the gentle breeze was pushing her. She’s eighteen years old.

And she’s beautiful.

Her gaze is glued to the floor, if her eyes open at all. Ordinary journey. Nothing special, nothing new…

I wonder if her mind begins to wander, in those times when her body’s sitting still. I wonder if she thinks of me, when I’m thinking of her.

I know you miss me really.

I know you miss me…

If I knew that she thought of me in the bad times, I wouldn’t mind slipping into the background in the good. Even if you don’t want me love, its enough that you need me – so everything will work out fine.

I know you’ll miss me…

I know you’ll miss me…

I wish I could see your bag thump on the floor when you get home. I wish I could see you peacefully stroking the puppy on your lap just before you hear the news. I wish I could live in the moment before everything changes, when you get the call or the doorbell rings, or somehow you just know. In a minute I’ll be gone, pretty soon they’ll find me, and it won’t be long until you hear.

You’ll want to forget me but I’ve got you for good.

[Splashing] [Doing] [Shopping] [Reading] [Missed] [Lamentation] [Crystal Lake] [Ship] [Laughing] [Listening] [Thinking] [Interfalangigating]